Associate Pastor, Nicholas Debase FPC

Focal Point Church is one of the many churches where the word of God is given raw to the congregation. The church which is located in South John Young Parkway, Orlando, FL, offers a beautiful and conducive atmosphere for the teaching and learning of God’s word.

With the mission to cultivate an environment where people come to know Christ intimately and are trained, then activated to make a difference in their sphere of influence for Jesus, I have been opportuned to listen to Pastor Mark Daniel, the Senior Pastor, who is well knowledgeable in Pastoral Ministries, dealing with interesting issues of God as it relates to ‘Baptism’ and ‘the ownership issue’ These are life changing topics for anyone who needs to tap into His blessings.

Of a particular interest is the issue of tithing which was messaged to the congregation by Pastor Nick Debase, an associate pastor of the church. For a while now, many people who are mainly Nigerians have been dealing with this issue of tithing on social media for so many reasons depending on their encounter with men of God or what some men of God say from the pulpit as punishment for those who have been failing in tithing.

While everyone believes that not tithing is robbing God, some believe that the punishment for not obeying it, attracts a curse from God. But according to pastor Nick who believes that because God is not wicked, he says that tithing which is “keeping God first” would make God keep His promises for tithers and the punishment would be that God may not protect those who have robbed Him in tithing. “God would not place a curse on you when you don’t tithe but He may not protect you”, were is words.

He further buttress this point by giving examples on how this works and I believe our faith is mostly tested in this area. According to him, for every pay raise, there is always additional thing to spend on. Which means that our wages or salary can never be enough. Therefore, he says, it is better to give God His portion of 10% of our earnings and allow Him to do business with us with the remaining 90% than getting stuck to our total earnings and still be complaining. Another point he raised for tithers, is about things just working for them without them being able to explain how such was going to play out. This is called miracle!

In a nutshell, Pastor Nick who as a matter of obedience does his tithing, enjoys things working for him naturally when he least expected of them and he believes that most of these things may not have come his way, if he was not obeying his tithing responsibility. He went on to give a clear distinction between giving to God and giving to mankind which he explained that though, both are a good cause but one attracts more of God’s attention.

Today, many people are struggling despite their huge salaries which is received as at when due and it has also not been proven really that our dependence on monies from retirement, is able to see us through in life. I surely believe that it is wiser to cast all our hopes in God who is able to do all things and at all times. He ended the sermon by saying that, it is a mistake to hope in salaries or retirement benefits but through tithe, God’s promises will be made manifest.

Based on the church teachings on tithing, the following points were made: tithing is keeping God first (Exodus 13:1-2); tithing is a test of faith for believers (Luke 11:42}; tithing is a reminder that God is faithful and covenant keeping (Psalm 37:25, 2 Corinthians 9:8, Proverbs 3:9-10 and Mathew 23:23)

Affar O. G, Publisher Kontakte magazine

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