Many Nigerians still believe that the path to economic recovery is far from sight. Many also sought to try new hands in the process of returning Nigeria to her lost past but that didn’t work out as well. Yet, Nigeria must succeed. But how?

Experience has shown that it is more likely for one to get a reward for something with which one can be easily identified. I refer here to peoples’ roles in any environment and the public acceptance of who they are. The question which readily comes to mind in this regard, is why certain people who are identified as being corrupt or bad managers of a country’s affair, still appear to be seen as candidates to beat in any election. Its certainly the case in every economy.

To be very specific in regards to the theme of this note, I sincerely ask for a critical look at the issues mitigating against the return of Nigeria to a recovery path and I am certain that an average Nigerian, would be eager to mention corruption as one of such vices. I wish to stress further by asking Nigerians to mention anyone who has been alledged to be corrupt in Nigeria and place them side by side with the new entrants (Sowore, Moghalu, Durotoye, etc) in Nigeria’s politics to determine which personalities are more popular among the Nigerian electorates.

My experience about world politics and the players across the continents, show that the media noise and the deep participation of people in any task, play more role in positioning such people in the minds of the public than discussing the actions of same people either in bad or good light. This is why anyone who is interested in politics should strive to create a political figure for himself to extend to where the people he needs live.

This bring me to the fact that the new entrants may be doing well in whatever role they play now but many people especially the uneducated or simply the illiterates may have not recognized their importance in the Nigerian project. More than before, I expect them to step up their energy as well in the Nigerian politics in their bid to occupy the people’s mind for political portfolios.

The just concluded 2019 presidential election reminded me of two things which these younger aspirants failed to recognize and the consequent has raised a serious question on their creativity and mind set on cooperation. Why would they forget the reason why Former president Obasanjo left the prison to become the president? How did the incumbent become the president and how did Senator Bukola Saraki made it to that position? Just a common thing. Both the political enemies and friends gave way for a situational agenda. These three gentlemen failed in this regard. It also shows that they do not understand how “strength and weakness” is applied in a critical situation. I am still not sure if they have any common platform currently for creating self awareness especially in the northern part of the country where it is more difficult to accept anyone just through the media for political strength. One has to be on ground with them!

All these being said about integrating the new entrants fully in the geo-political zones scheme in Nigeria, my next point would be to stress the fact that in every administration, the three tiers of government in Nigeria are occupied by professionals and educated people. In most sensitive positions, we have had people who can be compared to their counterparts around the world. Why then does it seem that Nigeria’s economy is getting worse or better asked, why have things remained stagnant? Just one thing. The leaders are not doing the right thing first. And it is deliberate.

I would raise few issues about some eras to explain not doing the right thing first. Obasanjo created the economic and financial crimes commission when the Nigeria Police Force is still in shambles. What result did he expect? Jonathan built more universities despite the fact that the educational sector only thrives in “filling in the gap”.Not systemic In my time, I spent six years at university of Ibadan for a four year course. When my colleagues and I returned from our “A Year Abroad Programme” EYAP, as German students, we were a year ahead of our class set at the university but we had to technically delay for a year. The incumbent, President Buhari came with anti corruption slogan but no known agency in Nigeria which could make this work, is functioning today as it should be. How then does he intend to achieve this? The judiciary system and the security agency are still crawling. So, I am proposing that the Nigerian government should see to the foundation upon which every other thing rest.

one important thing I am also glad to point out is directed at the direction of the lawmakers. Would you be so honest to Nigerians by taking an appraisal of the outcome of your legislative pursuit if you had spent a minimum of four years in the house and tell Nigerians your performance in comparison to what Nigeria pays you and where Nigeria’s economy is as at today? Do you feel fulfilled? You should be able to make laws which guide and protect among other things, the way and manner government businesses are conducted in Nigeria. They should be laws which everyone including your members should profess to. As the engine room of the democratic structure in Nigeria, your words should be law with strict compliance!

On the whole, it would serve the nation good if the foundation of any project is considered first. The institutions to help stabilize both the economic and the political issues in the country should without further delay be well financed and professionalized. For the new entrants, this is the time for you to sensitize the Nigerian populace with your plans for Nigeria by getting yourselves involved in constructive criticism and playing good opposition role.

For the incumbent, you have also started making the mistakes of the past governments which believe that doing the right thing also means the most important thing. Mr. president, you would need to put in place the machinery and the structure to help you fight corruption before taking steps in that direction. If we all believe that Nigeria is not yet developed, it therefore means that there is work for everyone. if the needful is embarked upon. It only takes three things to fix a nation. The first would be to ask questions about the issues, That would led to positive answers to resolving them and the third would be to fix a time frame and genuinely carry out the solutions.

God bless Nigeria

By: Affar O.G


  1. Nigerians by now should have adopted a zero tolerance for corruption and a non performing government. President Buhari should stop struggling to fix the economy. He may do it but he is not doing it and he wont do it.

    Ya’ardua was the only president I do not know what his achievement would have been. Obasanjo came and could not help return Nigeria to a better track for development in 8 years. I still don’t know why some people praise Jonathan as if being dull or choosing the path for peace after he lost election means he is a good democrat. Jonathan lives the kind of life he has not lived before. They all came but not to help Nigeria!

    In all developed countries, the executive and the legislative arms of government both think about issues which are necessary for action. They then agree upon what is possible and then it is carried out. Have we asked why Nigerian leaders keep talking about plans they wouldn’t work on? Osinbajo was sighted among market people in anticipation to giving them credits to assist them. How does meeting them in the market an issue? Can’t he just stay in the office to help make policies to effect this? I ask, which markets would the US vice president or the deputy German chancellor visit for them to make policies?

    The only thing a nation can not determine by herself is the one requiring diplomacy with other nations. The decision to fix Nigeria through the federal ministries rest solely on Nigerian government. This is not different from how the managers of GLO, MTN, Nigerian Breweries Plc, Guinness Plc Nestle and co make policies. Yet, these organizations still depends on the government before deciding their budgets

    And for the house members. They wake up every morning with NEW IDEAS. They dress well to KILL. They have attended good schools with good DEGREES, They ride the best of CARS in the SOCIETY. They call themselves HONORABLEs.

    After a HARD DAY’s JOB, they retire back either home or somewhere else but with the mind that they have worked HARD FOR THE DAY.

    After 4 years of repeated exercise on a DAILY BASIS, ask a primary SCHOOL PUPIL about the result of these HONORABLE MEN. The answer would either be NIGERIA IS GETTING WORSE or NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

    Mr man, this is the summary of what you do either in the lower or upper house. You have only been getting money without making progress in your endeavours and work pursuit. You are a failure and your pursuit is meaningless!

    Why? Because whatever you are saying now, some HONORABLEs like you have said it and have been saying it since 1960!

    Change Nigeria for the best and stop displaying your ideas!

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