President Mohammadu Buhari

Your Excellency,
I congratulate you on your re-election for a second term in office as the president of the federal republic of Nigeria. While I believe that the responses from the electorates during the election period, may have given you an idea of the people’s views about your leadership, I sincerely wish you a successful tenure of office.

This is entirely my opinion and I am lucky to be one of those who does not see any tribe in Nigeria to be above others. The word ‘tribe’ to me, refers to the core values that are exhibited by group of people in different regions in Nigeria. We are one Nigerian and that is the only language we should all understand. Your office should make you same too being the father to the nation.

Many Nigerians and I had issues with family members, friends, colleagues and even with other Nigerians in the public just to prove a point that former president Jonathan should not be re-elected. I personally was impacted by his actions in Nigeria and as a Nigerian in Diaspora. We created a special Facebook account for your 2015 campaign project with over Fifteen (15,000) thousand fans of yours within the election period. The response and contributions from Nigerians were alarming. You were seen as the figure to see Nigeria through her trouble times. Many from around the world were convinced your leadership would pave way for a better African continent The account is still available for your kind attention and I sincerely thank you for winning that election in 2015. But as it stands now, it appears that winning that election, is the best and the only thing you have offered Nigerians. My template for giving appraisal for the office you currently hold, shows that you have performed below average.

Sir, no matter what you have done since you assumed office in 2015, citizens of great countries like the United States of America, Germany. Canada, France, etc, would not have considered you for a re-election. No one apart from the politicians still get the benefits Nigeria offers her citizenry. Your government does not need to give assurances to Nigerians by mere words all the time. Assurance should be physical evidence. That corruption has eaten deep into the system, does not mean that development has to be slow, if the needful is being done . Corruption only kills an economy, if it still exists on a large scale and if four years has gone by and Nigeria is still where it is, no one in Nigeria except you, can understand how you are fighting it.

Many Nigerians vouch for your integrity. I considered your stance on issues when you were the head of state and then your age as at 2015 when you assumed the office of the president. I was convinced you were the man messiah when in April 14, you broke down in tears at the event organised by your party to mark the end of its presidential campaign. Sir, your tears were real and natural. In all of these, I was very optimistic that Nigeria would for each month, witness real developments. My fears started growing when most of your team members started offering more complaints rather than focusing on the task before them. Some of us had our fears confirmed when your wife, through an interview with BBC, informed the whole world that you have derailed from the original plan. Sir, this is very evident in the eyes of many Nigerians who could barely feed themselves.

Nigeria in terms of natural resources is richer than most of the countries that are evidently developed. Examples are the ones I stated as you read my note further. The reason for their status today, is their ability and sincerity to engage their human resources to work effectively in managing their affairs. Nigeria has more human resources with these two countries combined together to turn things around. Our intellects and hardworking citizens are elsewhere around the world either looking for what to do or assisting humanities where such opportunities are available. It is still unknown to any known theory, why Nigerian leaders shy away from engaging their best in the affairs of our collective wealth. Its all about politics and once again, your administration has been seen to have failed woefully in this regard.

The most worrisome to me, is when you were placed side by side with Atiku during the election with respect to who a better option is. Sir, the implication of this, is that, you have not performed beyond where your predecessors stopped. It is alleged that things have gone worst today in Nigeria. How the INEC conducted this election with the billions of Naira you committed to running a better electoral system, shows a retrogression in the process. You won the election but with such a struggle as shown and beamed to the whole world, only shows that many Nigerians like me, are very disappointed in your performance. You did not need a second term to do the magic. The first term magic would have paved way for your re-election without much stress. Like your immediate past predecessor, you have also failed to acknowledge this. 

Your background with respect to your region in Nigeria, has provided you with the opportunity to deal with anyone irrespective of his or her ethnic background without any backlash as long as it is lawful. Nigerians were very much on your side to see you erase corruption to the lowest point to the extent that you were named Mr. Integrity. How Bukola Saraki’s case with the Bureau of Public Enterprise ended, was a big blow to the people’s reliance on your sincerity to fight corruption. Your style in discharging your duties began to make Nigerians think about how democracy may have affected your sense of judgement and how you should function as a leader, But this has gone too far without any understanding of how development would start manifesting in Nigeria. Things started getting worse from this point. One is tempted to ask you how many years would it take to fight corruption in Nigeria? If its an ongoing process, what achievements have you made and what have you done with what has been recovered? An average Nigerian can not answer these questions. Yet, you have an executive power to create an enabling law to see Nigeria swing into a success story. Nigerians are tired of governments leaving so much in the treasury when the country is still very underdeveloped and people are wallowing in hunger.

There is a notion by certain people in Nigeria which does not exclude the learned. The notion that issues relating to ‘tribe’ matters in who holds some of the sensitive positions in Nigeria. The argument for this unnecessary notion is caused by the actions and performance of the government at the center. It has been more pronounced in your era and has been rumored across the length of the country. More northerners have governed Nigeria but that has not helped the region better than the rest. President Jonathan was in office for about six years but has Bayelsa State witnessed any unprecedented development? This is all scam and Nigerians should get this right once and for all that Nigerian leaders are for themselves. This also completely negates your slogan which the whole world and especially Nigerians holds dearly. You were quoted to have said that “you were for nobody but for everyone” Sir, how? 

Permit me to mention the two nations as stated above which were able to do things and achieved results accordingly. East and West Germany came together in October 1st,1990. The then capital of Germany was Bonn in the west. Because the east was completely degraded by Russia which was the area she administered on. The capital was then shifted to Berlin in the east so as to commence a quick recovery to development for the east. This was an idea to start fixing things for Germany. A state of emergency was declared on Germany so as to turn the economy around. All hands were on deck day and night and by the end of the sixth month, Germany had become a model for other European countries. Sir, just six months! If that little period is not same for Nigeria to witness development, I guess six months should be able to give confidence to Nigerians as to what Nigeria would look like by the end of your first term. Its still same promises and complaint on the past governments. This is not the way to go.

United Arab Emirates became one of the developed countries within the space of 10 years. This was a desert where no one would invest in. But a Sheikh had an idea. His Highness, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan founded UAE and served as a ruler of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi since 1966. He borrowed some money and opened up the economy for all including foreigners to invest in. By estimation, the sight of real development must have been witnessed in the second or third year of his administration and that is why they forged ahead .We all know the story today. Ironically, Nigerians are neck deep in doing business in this same country. Most of the stolen monies from Nigeria, have been invested there. This is a big shame on us.

From the above, one can tell that before real development took place in these countries, Nigeria’s situation at the moment could not have been the worst. This is why your government should continue to complain about the past, only if the stolen wealth could be recovered and invested in Nigerians or you simply stop the complaint and forge ahead with the best possible plan. Internal politics on Nigerians should stop, We need your voice out there at the world stage. 

Some of the steps I would offer you before you start taking further steps to develop the economy, is to get the Nigeria Police Force status to that of the world standard and make them independent. You would need to fund the judiciary and make its activities count on a daily basis as the country progresses. How do you fight a legitimate cause like corruption when these two sectors still suffer? Why would you order the military to handle any election malpractices when we have a police force?  Your police force is not adequate enough to do the job but why have you also ignored this? You would need to give urgent attention to this. It should be your top priority.

One other area which also makes it difficult to see your effort is the issue of electricity, an area which other development revolves around. Its so laughable that Nigerian government has made it look like certain things can not work in Nigeria. Former president Obasanjo spent huge amount of money on this sector without any success. President Jonathan took over and the story went same way. Sir, if you have not been able to find solution to this issue after four years, wouldn’t it make sense to bring justice to what has happened in the past? This is a good area to look at in your quest in dealing with corruption and a good reason to convince Nigerians that you are actually doing the job. This is one way how developed countries attend to issues of national importance. I hope you would follow suit by making your pursuits open to Nigerians.

Many Nigerians would continue to buy the idea that you are doing your best, given the facts that certain issues are being given attention to. What they failed to realize is that, each successive government has been doing one thing or the other while giving  hope to the people that a second term in office is always the best time to witness real development. Sir, do not leave Nigeria in a bad state because you have already taken this path too. Even though life holds both joy and sorrow, it still stays silent until it manifest itself. You still have the opportunity to change things for the better. You may be planning something good for certain people to remain powerful when you are no longer active or available to give help to Nigerians but remember that it has only worked in few cases. MKO Abiola was a loud good name once upon a time. 

In conclusion, how to get a country back on track to the path of development, is not a function of how an economy has been badly impacted by bad leadership or how deep corruption has eaten into the polity but the willingness to start doing the needful. Fighting corruption is giving ultimate strength to the law enforcement agency and the sector saddled with the responsibility of interpreting the law. Once these two organs of government get underway at such capacity, what would be required of you, is to make your plans known to Nigerians and pursue them with the best hands available while the economy is opened to people from around the world to invest in it. It is old fashioned to continue to preach what is holding you back from working. It would do your image and that of your government good, if you could devout your energy to issues which would propel Nigeria to greatness. Nigerians are looking up to you, you can not afford to keep them in darkness any more. Be transparent and let them see your activities which should be all encompassing with respect to taking care of every aspect of human endeavours.

Long live Nigeria!

Affar O.G, Publisher/EIC, Kontakte Kommunications Ltd


  1. This is great. A very concise letter. Virtually nothing is left out. Every aspects of this nation is discussed in relation to where it is now and what should be done to achieve positive result.

    1. Dear Wasiu,

      Thanks for your response.
      We hope to get more from you.

      Best regards

      Kontakte Kommunications Limited

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