Nigerian Senate President Bukola Saraki- a symbol of power against humanity

The foundation of law which can be traced to the period of the Roman Empire in 27 BC, was characterized by Emperors who were ultimate rulers. Their sense of rulership and the state of affairs at different eras, brought about the changes to the laws each emperor sought to rule his people which today, has provided the fundamental norm that forms an underlying basis for a legal system.

Thanks to historians and students of classic studies for documenting what played out in the roman world and how the emperors took turns to rule over the empire. They had the powers to play the role of the executive and also dictate how the judiciary and the legislative powers are used. They were very loud in their actions. Arrogance, revenge, greed, envy, pride, force and violence, which are some of the vices exhibited by many of the emperors, are not different from what Nigerians have continued to witness where the Nigerian senate president, Bukola Saraki, has his influence. He desires to have the powers and rule like the emperors. That has been cut short for now with his failure to secure his re-election bid into the senate house.

I had the privilege to listen to people on the streets and also had one-on-one conversation with senior officials and cabinet members of this personality when as a governor of kwara state for eight years. His people’s gullibility to believing that he is for their interest and the common disease Nigerians still suffer from in regards to tribal sentiments, has paved opportunities for him to rob them of their collective wealth to the extent that he may be regarded as one of the gods in the land. He was in charge of everyone’s life as long as you live in Kwara state. He impacted his communities negatively.

He rose to become a governor in Nigeria through his father’s influence and Nigeria’s senate president through an unpopular and deceitful means by disregarding his party’s decision and pitching tent with the opposition. This was the saddest moment for the rightful thinking Nigerians considering his antecedents. His actions became louder at this time. All is successes has never been related to him as being a hardworking man. God favoured him under the canopy of influence which he has constantly abused and now fell like some of the emperors did.

The emperors may have been very powerful and resist anyone opposing their views but the citizens and not the slaves, were living at least good. Saraki lives a very large life and one can only wonder why he enjoyed being too wealthy while his people suffer. He was against humanity in any form one can think of. He is a bad symbol for both leadership and as role model for followership.

Some of his many sins was his role in the looting and liquidating of Societe Generale Bank before becoming a governor; he governed Kwara state for eight (8) years leaving his people poorer than he met them. He was their emperor who decided all cases as it pleased him; he rose on the ticket of the ruling party APC, to become a senator and then pitched tent with the opposition party PDP, through deceit to emerge as the senate president; he was alleged of a criminal case for not declaring all his assets which under the Nigerian law, officials must declare their assets before taking office. During this period, many of his colleagues would abandon their legislative duties to give solidarity supports to him whenever he had his days at the court. He was a commander of personalities like him.

In the just concluded election for the legislative members, nature has played a fast one on him. He lost gallantly. He didn’t just loose in this election but was ridiculed in what played out. As a leader who wield influence in an entire state in Nigeria and at the national level, he only needed to take care of a fraction of his people within the state who would have voted for him compared to the number of people who voted for him when he became a governor. Yet, he failed in working for his constituency because to him, he is so powerful, wealthy, popular and can easily maneuver the system. So, there was no need to struggle to ask for his people’s vote. But he was taken by surprise and proved wrong. The people of his constituency turned the table against him. They have had enough of him.

Saraki is well educated. He attended Cheltelham College in the United Kingdom from 1979 to 1981 for his High School Certificate. He then studied at the London Hospital, Medical College of the University of London from 1982 to 1987, where he obtained his M.B.B.S (London). One would have thought that a man who has studied home and abroad, should be able to understand how things, especially as it relates to nation’s building, works. He rather used his education and office for extortion and by extension, bring humanity to its lower ebb in Nigeria.

Saraki’s struggle and educational pursuit has been used to fight humanity but he became so wealthy in the process. He is so powerful but not with a voice for Nigeria at the world stage because all his actions were internal politics against the Nigerian populace. Shame on him and his likes as he has been reduced to a common citizen in a disgraceful manner.

Birds of his feathers are everywhere in Nigeria and especially in Abuja, who are so wealthy but have nothing to suggest that they ever worked hard as businessmen. They speak of influence and voices that disappear as soon as it echoes outside the shore of the country. The whole world does not hear them because they only speak the language of wealth and influence within the entity called Nigeria. If you still don’t know how you are ridiculing Nigerians and how it hurts them, Saraki should be able to speak to Nigerians now on how he feels because the picture of why he has recorded failure in the just concluded election as a national leader of strong influence, should be clearer to him now. His educational pursuit and and experience over the years, were used to fight humanity!

I would end my note by telling the Nigerian president, Mohammadu Buhari that with the retirement of Saraki to a common citizen and who have made some of us avoid judging your performance because we believe that his assumption to the seat of the senate president, was a disaster for Nigeria in itself, would be glad to tell you that you can not afford to make more political blunders and you would need to get it right this time and it must be fast. Ask Germany and United Arab Emirates how they did it. Six (6) months is enough for you to register Nigeria’s path towards real development. I know this for sure. Strengthen both the Nigeria Police Force and the judiciary, if you are sincere to make Nigeria great again.

God bless the People, the President and the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

By: Adeaga Ojo

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