Was President Buhari Wrong to Have Called Nigerian Youth Lazy?

The state of being lazy could be seen from different perspectives and in some situational contexts, one can be said to be lazy.  Someone who postpones jobs to a later date especially when a specific time mandate is given, can be described to be lazy. One can also be described to be lazy, if one is unable to finish a specific job in time. In research or areas of reasoning, one is said to be lazy, if one is unable to do a reasonable conclusion or if one is unable to think through to arrive at a meaningful conclusion.

President Buhari was quoted to have called Nigerian youths “lazy youths”. But was he wrong to have said that? Did he mean that the leaders would always have their way because the youths are not thinking right or he meant that the youth are sure of the problem but they are unable to do the right thing at the right time? Nigerian youths are lazy, so he said. I believe the reason is hiding within this thoughts.

I like to agree with the president on this because of one reason. The elders (leaders) who even without education, so the Nigerian youths think, are smarter and would always work hard to get what they want. The elders are not complaining because they occupy the high offices in Nigeria and they can direct the youths however they like to remain in the managing of Nigeria’s affairs. But the youths are well educated and sociable. They are connected on social media like Facebook discussing and analyzing the many problems in Nigeria. 

One of the many definitions of an argument, is the Philosophers’. They defined an argument to be a list of statements with same conclusion but different premises and assumptions. This perfectly fits into how Nigerian Youths are posting their arguments on the social walls. Their conclusion is that there is corruption in Nigeria and that the leaders are corrupt. They all agreed on this based on whatever assumptions and premises in their view.
So, what do the leaders want as a goal and what are the youths yearning for with respect to this vice? The answers are not far fetched. The leaders who are referred to as the elders, want to retain power and remain in the management of Nigeria’s economic and political affairs. The youths on the other hand, want an end to corruption but are not ready to fit into the roles of managing the entity called Nigeria.

The leaders are hardworking and that is why they have remained in positions of authority year in and out. Simply put, the leaders know what they want, how to get it and they have always gotten it. Its so amazing that they are able to do this even with low education and in old age. Irrespective of their backgrounds, they do business together and share our common wealth. To shock the whole world, some of these old men display their wealth on social platforms. The question about the youths would be, Why are the youths missing their goals year in and out towards either dealing with corruption or voting good leaders to take up the responsibility of their affairs? I guess this is where I stand in agreement with the president that the youth are lazy at doing the right thing at the right time despite being highly educated. I must say here that Nigerian youths love education.

In the process of becoming citizens of a greater Nigeria and the most powerful country in the African continent based on the quantity and quality of both human and natural resources, the youths have set to deal with the issue of their common enemy called corruption by employing some actions premised on certain values which are posted on social media to achieve their aims. They want to recognize the facts that they are from different tribes as opposed to being Nigerians, which on its own is killing their unity. A particular tribe called another a saboteur. The tribe which is said to be saboteurs, calls the other group to be full of greedy people. The tribes and the other tribes with the help of the leaders, all come together to criticize some of the talented youths who are well learned and have struggled to achieve certain greatness in life. They labelled them scammers, inexperienced and immature. Rather than running towards concluding that corruption must be wiped or that good governance must prevail, Nigerians are found on different social platforms deploying their strength and energy towards issues which are tribal in nature. In the process, different conclusions begin to arrive. Their fellow youths are relegated and the contending corrupt leaders who are aspiring to become relevant in the scheme of Nigeria’s affairs begin to manifest as the main subjects. The youths would begin to weigh issues such as corruption, evil, arrogance, tribalism, ethnicity as basis for a better choice in choosing lesser evils.

What baffles a serious minded person is that the youths would still fail to do the needful even though all these discussions and analysis are so conspicuous in the air and everywhere around the world during election period when they have the opportunity to decide if not with their votes due to the fraudulent nature of Nigeria’s election but with their voice. When elections are over and the corrupt people who are the same people start running the government again, the youths are soon back on the social media complaining and once again on same conclusion of corruption as a common vice to deal with. No wonder the president called them lazy youths.  

An extension of defining anyone to be lazy, would be to be part of the youths who would always create a setback for others but show so much struggle in attempting or planning to travel to other countries where the youths are serious minded people.. Nothing is wrong in seeking greener pastures elsewhere but be kind to tell Nigerian youths the truth. Tribalism and not embracing zero tolerance for corruption and bad leadership are big problems denying the youths their rights to equal social benefits and justice.

You are all right in your conclusion that corruption is killing Nigeria. You are all right as well, if bad leadership is your conclusion but why bring up tribalism and issues of ethnicity in your quest for resolving issues whenever you have the opportunity to effect good deals? Would you say that the president is wrong, if he concludes that the elders should remain in power or are smarter than you all? Do you still want to hold anything against the president who you all say has no school certificate but became your president and is still staging a stay for a second term despite your complaint or the aspirant who became very wealthy over the years as a civil servant and has remained very influential in Nigeria, to conclude that you are not lazy? Is it not laziness not to know how to find a youth among yourselves or do you think you should be respected by the youths of other nations who read your posts on Facebook as people with no sense of direction? Youths in a population of about 190 Million people can not find qualified people to manage their affairs but chose to criticize the few who have shown interests to see how to effect a turnaround of Nigeria’s depleted economy. What a shame?

In conclusion, I am proffering some solutions to these issues. You should all do away with tribalism which is commonly employed as “my own people” in your approach to explaining things. Its killing the nation. See yourselves as Nigerians first. Germans are Germans and the Americans see themselves as Americans first. Build the culture of adopting zero tolerance for corruption and bad leadership. I recommend Germany’s standard on this for you. Go against anyone who has related issues to corruption no matter how little it is and give all your support to people who have good names and good intentions until they prove otherwise.

God bless the Youth and Nigeria

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