Nigerian Leaders: Influential?

It makes more sense to describe the leaders occupying political offices in Nigeria as characters in this narration. These characters posses certain qualifications which normally are okay to compete with anyone around the world.

As characters or human resources, Nigeria has it all. A character has a military background, excellent experience, good exposure to the best military practice home and abroad. He got to the peak of his career. Another character has excellent degrees up to PhD. He understands clearly what his people go through as a result of the abandonment of his area. An area which is so resourceful to Nigeria. The third character is one whose father was so influential in his geographical area and who was made to govern part of this area as a result of his family’s influence in this area. He is well educated both in Nigeria and abroad and he is able to use same influence to become very relevant at the national level. The last character probably is more recognized worldwide. He has a military background as well. He is respected around the world. People listen to him whenever he talks. He has excellent experience in life and from around the world. Also well educated.

In summary from the above, Nigeria has in her leadership structure, characters with good exposure, experience, education, military background and good relations with the nations that matters in the affairs of the world. This is Nigeria’s human resources summary. In terms of other natural resources, not many countries which are well developed in terms of their political and economic status, can match with Nigeria. So, is Nigeria developed or is Nigeria now in the path towards development? The answer is no. What then is the problem? Funny characters at the helms of affairs!

Nigeria has funny characters in authority. In the cause of their studies or building their careers, I should think, they failed to learn what good values are. They ignored what humanity is all about. They constantly tell God it is His fault to give Nigeria so much natural resources without making everyone have access to it. They play Him and Nigerians every blessed day they wake up to life. They are so rich and are so happy about it. Yet, they can not even develop a small community where their root can be traced to. To them their people do not deserve to live a better life except they decide who gets what.

Whenever they occupy any office, their education, exposure and experience over the years suddenly go to sleep on lies which has become alive and their tool to play politics and fast one on humanity. Nigeria is believed to be a giant country in Africa but these characters can not influence things within the continent. They do not have the credibility to do so. Why again? They only love power and wealth which has occupied their struggle each day to acquire more. They continue to destroy humanity in their quest for all these.

Characters! your existence is a waste to others. You have not helped humanity at all. Shamelessly, they display their wealth on social media. They display to the public, their powers and influence to fight the law they promulgated. What is the difference between this and a goat (doe) having fun with her buckling in the public? They wield same when its election time. All within Nigeria. They can not do same with their counterparts around the world. Because all that matters to them is wealth which one can easily acquire just by occupying a political office or professing to their school of thought. They fight themselves everyday and play fast one on Nigerians on a daily basis. They can not influence anything positive. They travel abroad for meetings, medical reasons and also go on vacations but they have got no voice. They say nothing and no one hears anything. The only voice they have is heard in Abuja, the nation’s capital where they do business and display their intelligence without any critical thinking or business ideas. The money just flows within their circle. Its all about power and wealth. Nothing more.

Permit me to share something common about these characters. Recently, a character posted this online as an achievement. He said ‘ I served for 8 years and I did not owe workers and I was able to pay contractors and left some amount in some bank s”. This is an achievement in Nigeria. Yet, no stable power, rail system, good roads, good hospital, home made technology are available. What a shame? Interestingly, many followers were found to be happy about him by displaying their ignorance on social media. Another one who had spent 6 years in authority and who became wealthy in the process said during one of his campaign tours ” I would create a system to checkmate corruption before it happens”.

I asked the whole world to travel to Nigeria to see how it is. One would find some nice structures but men are hungry and have been made to feel incapable of doing well in life. Yet they have struggled to have good education without food at times in the stomach. The world should ask them why they can not produce a typical policeman who looks healthy and works professionally at every stage of his career. Why they create laws and fight same at some point.

I can guess what a Donald Trump, Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin or Kim Jong- un could be thinking when they either plan to go to bed or wake up in the morning. What does these Nigerian characters think of at such times? The Nigeria Police Force is nothing to talk about. They shy away from duties when confronted with hard criminals because the characters would not equip them well. These characters may be very rich but they appear just as dirty and irritating as a common police personnel in Nigeria when one tries to evaluate them. They wouldn’t know this. The sane world laughs at them. Their names do not pop up when credibility becomes a topic neither does it when men are talking but they are quick to show their strength even against the law when corruption is mentioned.

The only joy many have in God is the opportunity they have to travel outside Nigeria. They have destroyed people who are well resourceful  because of their actions. Heaven helps those who help themselves so they say. Why won’t they share this belief with God so that the ones who have struggled well or pursued excellence could thrive a little better in Nigeria? No, they disagreed with God even on this. Wow!, who are you people? You have made the most intelligent Nigerians channel their intelligence elsewhere. Despite being hardworking, you have shown Nigerians that it does not really matter except one is able to always outsmart others negatively. Well, just so you know, you have no positive influence on anything and all your pursuit in life ends with you and with your immediate family. You keep destroying others and humanity at large.

The most dangerous thing to happen now again is that election is around the corner and the people are busy negotiating on behalf of these funny characters. Nigerians now settle for who is “better” rather than who can deliver on his promises and lead well. Nigerians consider who is wealthy over anything virtuous. It is shame altogether. They created these characters. The aim here is not to support any candidate but for the people to discover themselves and learn how to make their choice count. This stupidity must stop.

Wholeheartedly I want Nigerians to know this little about people in saner nations. They see you like they see your wealthy characters. They only do business with them but they do not respect them. An average American; a typical German, wouldn’t have regard for them the way you do. They stink and add no values to decency but they are rich and wealthy. Funny still, they can not influence anything on the continent and at the world stage. They are ranked wealthy by world standard but with strong influential powers which is limited to Nigeria.

So, I conclude by telling Nigerian characters to help Nigerians. Stop the lies and deceit. The whole world can see you clearly by mere looking at your actions, listening to you and summing it up to what Nigeria looks like. You are embarrassing Nigerians everywhere by your games and tricks within Nigeria. Take your energy and strength to the world stage and compete with other nations. Remain focused and be objective without running from one party to another. Prove to the whole world that the education you acquired, is not a waste. And until that is done, get it clearly, the respect for you all ends where you live and where you operate from.

Affar O. G is a member of the United State Press Agency and an alumnus of DAAD, Germany

3 thoughts on “Nigerian Leaders: Influential?

  1. Dear reader,

    We dont get involve in issues like this.
    Thanks for your response nonetheless.


    Kontakte Kommunications Limited

  2. I have to applaud this writing because you gave comprehensive details of what we are being faced with here in the country. I hope we stop voting in the “better” one but rather one who is ready to deliver what we need in Nigeria.

    But my questions are these: do you think there can be anyone of this nature because it’s like everyone is going there to take his share of the national cake. Like you said, amassing wealth is their main aim. Do you think the youths will do better and we should have faith in them?
    Secondly, what if these characters are left to amass wealth,since it doesn’t seem like this can be curbed in forever, but made to pay tax commensurably like some countries do?
    It’s about time we fought the right fight!
    Thirdly, as much as the Nigerian government needs to be fixed, I’m afraid that corruption has eaten so deep that voting in a conscientious leader may not necessarily bring the change we need because not only do the Federal and State Levels need fixing,even the local government is lobotomizing. Do you think having a conscientious leader is the solution to Nigeria’s state at present?

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