1. I want to show appreciation for the wonderful work the embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Berlin is doing.

This is a pride to our nation and we commend the great work the staff of the embassy is doing. Mrs. Hassan Sadat is an outstanding officer of the embassy. She is dedicated, honest and good.

God bless our nation Nigeria

Daniel Iduh, Steinbruchweg 3, Wurzburg-Germany

  1. It is surprising to see what is happening here today. It was not like this before. You get frustrated by the response you get when you call our embassy here in Berlin. I must confess that there is a lot of improvement now.

Arinze Nwoye, Griesheim, Germany

  1. Nigerians here are complaining because they were not allowed to see the President when he visited Germany. Only few people were able to see him and I think that is why they feel the new ambassador is not carrying them along.

Kingsley Orimadike, Frankfurt Germany

  1. You would need to visit Berlin before you can get your visa or a new international passport. It is not the embassy’s fault because they conduct all these activities for Nigerians who are also residing in Germany’s neighbouring countries. The pressure is much on them and from what I saw today, I can say that Nigeria is improving.

Felix Okey, cologne, Germany

Other issues…

  1. Nigerian government needs to tackle security issues. I work with Deutsche Bahn in Koblenz and I have been living in Germany since 1998. The Boko Haram issue is getting out of hand. I was ashamed when my colleagues at work asked me if this is what we do.

Onavwie Stephen, Stuttgart, Germany

  1. Germany is such a wonderful place. I resume work here in Hanau by 6pm in the evening and close 3am the following day. The people are comfortable and happy and so, there won’t be need for anyone to engage in bad activities.

Babara Tina, Hanau, Germany

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