Catching fun in Germany is a normal way of life

The African men shown in the pix are mobile drummers. They move from one location to the other treating the crowd to a happy and dancing mood.

What they do is simply locating a space which is a common thing in Germany for people to relax or meet with friends. For others, it’s a place to go during break time at work.

It began like a normal drumming & singing session when Kulturelle Kontakte Magazine crew got to Frankfurt centre in Konsterlanwache where people stopped by to watch the drama that was unfolding. Few minutes later the place became a huge centre of attraction and people started making money donations to encourage the entertainers in their service.

As this continues the stage became a dancing mood and people started taking turns to catch the better part of the fun by showing their dancing skills. Some got carried away with laughter and it was fun fun fun!


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