Visiting Germany | by Kingsley C.E

Kingsley C.E.

I came here for a week activity. I am from Nairobi, kenya and lodged in MOTEL-ONE hotel in Berlin and I must confess, it is a place to visit. The attention given to customers here is very good. The rooms are equipped with all you can think of including facilities for disabled persons. One has access to Wi-Fi for free with internet terminals, Laptops or even iPADs at ones disposal so as to get online with the rest of the world. The people here in Germany are nice. Some of them would accept you as a foreigner while some would not but in all, you would like them because they are always willing to assist you so that you could find your way around the town and where you are visiting. There is a clear cut for different road users; the cyclist, pedestrians and car drivers respect each other. I would like to visit here again.

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